A Concert to Benefit Hillside Work-Scholarship connection

Oct 21,2017 6-8 pm

At Record Archive Back Room 33 1/3 Rockwood Street, Rochester, NY 14610

For more information: Please contact Amy Collins at 585-626-0853 or email at amy@newshelves.com.


A night of Rochester female musicians covering THEIR favorite female musicians

Suzi Willpower, Meg Gehman, Amy Hazard, and Justine Rumbel come together for one night to perform the hits of some of America’s finest female musicians. “Chicks on Chicks” came together when some of Rochester’s finest female musicians started discussing THEIR favorite female musicians.

“I was listening to Amy Hazard perform a Patty Griffin song one night when it hit me,” says Amy Collins, who put the concert idea together. “There are SO many great nights of music here in town, but they seem heavily staffed by the guys. Why not have a night that celebrates and focuses just on women?”

The show starts off at 6 pm, October 21st at the Record Archive Back Room with Suzi Willpower and her entire band doing songs by Amy Winehouse, Justine Rumbel follows with covers by Jonatha Brooke. Amy Hazard and her band are performing from Patty Griffin’s songbook, and the final act of the evening will be Meg Gehman, covering Lucinda Williams.

There will be a donation suggested at the door in lieu of tickets and 100% of the profits will go to benefit Hillside Work-Scholarship Connection (HW-SC), a program created in 1987 to support students at risk of failing to graduate from high school with mentoring, academic resources, job-skills training and more. In the 2016 academic year, 90 percent of Rochester students who stayed with HW-SC since their freshman year graduated on time.

”We are so grateful for this community support for Hillside Work-Scholarship Connection,” said Susan St. Onge, President of Hillside Children’s Foundation. “HW-SC is a true partnership between program staff and students, as well as families, educators and local employers. Every show of support from the community expands our sphere of partners and allows HW-SC to continue its valuable work.”

Amy Collins approached Deb Jones and Alayna Alderman at Record Archive to host the event because the Back Room venue that Record Archive recently opened seemed like the perfect fit for a night of music and has a fun, open seating arrangement with a full bar.

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If you would like more information about this concert, please contact Amy Collins at 585-626-0853 or email at amy@newshelves.com.